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  1. drift.gif
    Search-Based Task and Motion Planning for Hybrid Systems: Agile Autonomous Vehicles
    Zlatan Ajanović, Enrico Regolin, Barys Shyrokau, Hana Ćatić, Martin Horn, and Antonella Ferrara
    Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence, 2023
  2. rl_packaging.gif
    Robotic Packaging Optimization with Reinforcement Learning
    Eveline Drijver, Rodrigo Pérez-Dattari, Jens Kober, Cosimo Della Santina, and Zlatan Ajanović
    In 2023 IEEE International Conference on Automation Science and Engineering, 2023


  1. ai_vision.png
    Vision for Bosnia and Herzegovina in Artificial Intelligence Age: Global Trends, Potential Opportunities, Selected Use-cases and Realistic Goals
    Zlatan Ajanović, Emina Aličković, Aida Branković, Sead Delalić, Eldar Kurtić, Salem Malikić, Adnan Mehonić, Hamza Merzić, Kenan Šehić, and Bahrudin Trbalić
    In Scientific-Professional Conference “Artificial Intelligence in Bosnia and Herzegovina”- Research, Application and Development Perspectives, 2022
  2. IIL_survey.png
    Interactive Imitation Learning in Robotics: A Survey
    Carlos Celemin, Rodrigo Pérez-Dattari, Eugenio Chisari, Giovanni Franzese, Leandro Souza Rosa, Ravi Prakash, Zlatan Ajanović, Marta Ferraz, Abhinav Valada, and Jens Kober
    Foundations and Trends in Robotics, 2022
  3. partnr.gif
    PARTNR: Pick and Place Ambiguity Resolving by Trustworthy iNteractive leaRning
    Jelle Luijkx, Zlatan Ajanovic, Laura Ferranti, and Jens Kober
    In NeurIPS 2022 Workshop on Robot Learning, 2022


  1. parking.png
    A Multi-Heuristic Search-Based Motion Planning for Autonomous Parking
    Bhargav Adabala, and Zlatan Ajanovic
    In 30th International Conference on Automated Planning and Scheduling: Planning and Robotics Workshop, 2020
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    Search-Based Motion Planning for Performance Autonomous Driving
    Zlatan Ajanovic, Enrico Regolin, Georg Stettinger, Martin Horn, and Antonella Ferrara
    In Advances in Dynamics of Vehicles on Roads and Tracks, 2020
  3. ad_validation.gif
    Validating SuperHuman Automated Driving Performance
    Zlatan Ajanovic, Matthijs Klomp, Bakir Lacevic, Barys Shyrokau, Paolo Pretto, Hassaan Islam, Georg Stettinger, and Martin Horn
    In 2020 IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics (SMC), 2020


  1. rss2019.png
    A Novel Approach to Model Exploration for Value Function Learning
    Zlatan Ajanovic, Halil Beglerovic, and Bakir Lacevic
    In RSS 2019 Workshop on Combining Learning and Reasoning, 2019
  2. thesis.png
    Towards SuperHuman Autonomous Vehicles
    Zlatan Ajanovic
    Graz University of Technology, Dec 2019


  1. eco_fdp.png
    Energy-Efficient Driving in Dynamic Environment: Globally Optimal MPC-like Motion Planning Framework
    Zlatan Ajanović, Michael Stolz, and Martin Horn
    In Advanced Microsystems for Automotive Applications 2017, Dec 2018
  2. eco_a_star.gif
    A Novel Model-Based Heuristic for Energy-Optimal Motion Planning for Automated Driving
    Zlatan Ajanović, Michael Stolz, and Martin Horn
    IFAC-PapersOnLine, Dec 2018
  3. slt_learn.png
    Safe Learning-Based Optimal Motion Planning for Automated Driving
    Zlatan Ajanovic, Bakir Lacevic, Georg Stettinger, Daniel Watzenig, and Martin Horn
    In ICML/IJCAI/AAMAS 2018 Workshop on Planning and Learning (PAL-18), Dec 2018
  4. sbmp.gif
    Search-Based Optimal Motion Planning for Automated Driving
    Zlatan Ajanovic, Bakir Lacevic, Barys Shyrokau, Michael Stolz, and Martin Horn
    In 2018 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), Dec 2018


  1. eco_dp.gif
    Energy Efficient Driving in Dynamic Environment: Considering Other Traffic Participants and Overtaking Possibility
    Zlatan Ajanović, Michael Stolz, and Martin Horn
    In Comprehensive Energy Management – Eco Routing & Velocity Profiles, Dec 2017